ANITA BROWN - Counselling & Therapy

Registered and Insured Psychotherapist and Certified Hypnotherapist,
Specializing in Child/Youth and Adult Mental Health and Hypnosis.
Servicing Hastings, Prince Edward and Northumberland Counties;
Located in Trenton, Ontario - MOVING TO BELLEVILLE IN JUNE 2018

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Anita Brown - Counselling & Therapy is located at 22556 Loyalist Parkway (at 2nd Dug Hill Road) in Trenton, ON, Canada.  * NOTE:  Office will be moving to Belleville, ON in June 2018...details coming soon!  

Anita Brown is a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist and a trained Child and Youth Counsellor.  Anita specializes in child, youth and adult mental health and hypnotherapy.  Anita is able to provide prompt, professional services in a comfortable environment.  Anita Brown - Counselling & Therapy primarily services Hastings, Prince Edward and Northumberland Counties.  Off-site, Online and telephone services may be available if applicable and appropriate.

Individual, group and family sessions are available.  If you would like to schedule an appointment or you have any questions about counselling or therapy information or services, please contact 

                  Anita at 613-394-0782

Thank you for your interest!

* Approved Mental Health Provider for some policies with:

NIHB (Native Indian Non-Insured Health Benefits Program) 
Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
Blue Cross
ComPsych (on a case-to-case basis).


Rapid Emotional Release and Empowerment

Anita is NOW trained in Rapid Emotional Release & Empowerment by Rick Saruna!  

This amazing process uses eye patterns to quickly release emotional issues and negative thoughts; then fills the "gap" with positive and empowering thoughts to create a change in beliefs.


(special is extended for 2 more months!)

4 Session Weight-Loss/Healthy Mind & Body Program 

using Hypnosis!!  

$449.00 NOW 

INCLUDES: 30 Day Supply of a High Quality Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement,
educational handouts, session recordings, essential oil samples and more!
Regularly over $700.00 (SAVE over $250.00)...


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I am so pleased to announce


for my clients:


Offering online Psychiatric Consultations


I am NOW able to provide my clients with a LOCAL, online, Specialized Psychiatric Consultation; typically within 2 weeks of the referral, in the comfort of my office!  The Consultation referral is completed by me and your doctor; OHIP pays for the Consultation with the Psychiatrist which is completed through a private, virtual connection.  

This wonderful program and opportunity has been made possible through the Psychotherapy Matters Virtual Clinic and their connections with eHealth Ontario and the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) as part of an initiative to provide a system of Collaborative Care for Mental Health in Ontario!


Simpson Protocol


I also NOW offer a specialized, advanced, deep-hypnosis process called the Simpson Protocol, for clients who prefer to work through their emotional issues privately; without talking out loud to process their emotions and disturbing issues.  Many people, including me, have achieved profound breakthroughs using this client-controlled, emotionally private therapy!


Weight loss Virtual Gastric Band

    Lose a little bit of weight, or a lot; it is up to you with this 4 session
weight loss program!  

Lose weight safely and successfully with NO surgical or pharmaceutical intervention!  

Portion size and cravings change with your first meal!

*  Watch a couple of videos under the Virtual Gastric Band tab above!  

The program is available in individual sessions as well as small groups.  Please contact Anita for more information or to discuss your suitability for the program!


Zyto Compass Nutritional Assessment

The Zyto Compass software analyzes your body's Galvanic Skin Response to determine which nutritional products and essential oils will do you the most good.  By making better decisions about the nutritional products you buy, you are less likely to spend money on things you don't need and you are more likely to get the wellness benefits you are looking for.

Coming soon:

JUNE 2018 SPECIAL.....*NEW program*

*Details coming soon!

* Gift Certificates are available!

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