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Understanding Inner Healing Therapy

(Information from the College of Professional Hypnotherapy website)

Most people don't understand why they are experiencing issues such as poor health, bad relationships, lack of money, etc. Almost everything we are currently experiencing today as adults has an origin in our past. Unfortunately most people tend to blame their current situation as to why they are experiencing lack, depression, fatigue, poor finances, etc. This is why most people never achieve the goals they set for themselves; they are trying to change their current reality alone and this often is never enough.

Between the ages of 0 - 5 children are in their subconscious mind the entire time. This means we as children took in EVERYTHING we were told, EVERYTHING we saw, EVERYTHING we felt... without a conscious filter.

This is good for some things such as learning to walk, read, write and speak very quickly and easily. But this is not so good when it comes to forming beliefs about ourselves. When children are told 'no', 'you can't', 'you're not ___', 'you're too ___' etc., those beliefs stick with the child and continue into adult life. So when an adult is grown up and now wants to step out and try new things they are often bombarded with fearful thoughts of 'I can't', 'no one will want this from me', 'I'm not good enough', 'I'm just ___", etc.

Hypnotherapy allows you to go back to those formative years and find out exactly why you're stuck and/or sabotaging yourself from truly succeeding; from truly living the life you desire; from living your destiny.

Consciously you don't have to remember (and often you won't) because it is your subconscious mind that remembers EVERYTHING from the time of your conception to this very moment in time. Hypnotherapy allows us to go back and heal what's back there.

So... is it painful to remember the past??? Maybe for a few brief moments but it sure better go deal with the past in a control environment with a qualified hypnotherapy than it is to leave it un-resolved. Our bodies are psychosomatic which means our mind manifests through our body. Leaving the past un-resolved simply means that we are destined for trouble. It's best to deal with issues as soon as they happen but for most people they haven't a clue of how to do this, especially as children.

It is the hypnotherapist's job to help you safely and gently go back into the past, find the trauma, release it and heal it once and for all. Once the resolution has taken place there is no more need for the body your physical reality to manifest these issues.

Does this mean you'll be issue free for the rest of your life? Yes and no. Once an issue is dealt with it is done. But humans are like onions, always having yet another layer to peel back. The more you peel back the better your life will become but rest assure there will always be more layers to discover.

Much like house repairs, life is a journey of never-ending self-improvement. This doesn't mean you'll be in therapy for the rest of your life because it is the hypnotherapist's responsibility to teach you tools so that you can help yourself in the future.

Most issues are resolved in a few short sessions so usually people tend to pick the worst issues and work through them with a hypnotherapist then they have some tools to deal with the others as they come up in the future on their own.

The process of working with a hypnotherapist is really a beautiful journey of self discovery and growth. It's all very safe, easy and natural and you should begin to see benefit after the first session.

If your house had a leak you'd fix it before the leak got out of control (or at least we hope you would). Do the same with your mind and body, fix the leaks through hypnosis before they get out of control.

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