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Hypnosis can assist with a variety of emotional and behavioural problems and "blocks". Hypnosis is a state of focused attention. Hypnosis produces a state of physical and mental calmness, which gently bypasses your mind's critical consciousness and allows your subconscious mind to remain open to helpful suggestions.

* Check out the article Understanding Inner Healing Therapy for more information (click here or proceed to the Articles/Inspirational Words page of this website.


I now offer a 4 session/4 week Virtual Gastric Band program to assist people who struggle with weight loss and/or food cravings. Please visit the Virtual Gastric Band tab above to see more detailed information, including a couple of short videos about the process.


I offer a specialized, advanced, deep-hypnosis process called the Simpson Protocol, for clients who prefer to work through their emotional issues privately; without talking out loud to process their emotions and disturbing issues. Many people have achieved profound breakthroughs using this client-controlled, emotionally private therapy! 


The 7-Path Self-Hypnosis system consists of a series of hypnotic suggestions and a special technique for using them that will result in positive personal change. It is different from other systems of self-hypnosis because it has built-in steps that work toward removing old subconscious barriers to successful living before you give yourself any self-hypnosis suggestions for the changes that you want to make.


Stop smoking, weight loss, phobias/fears, anxiety, addictions, nail biting, pain management, PTSD/OSI, public speaking, skin picking, test anxiety, improve sports performance, self-confidence as well as other issues and concerns.

Please contact Anita Brown at 613-394-0782 or 1-855-248-4544 to schedule an appointment or with any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest!

* Anita Brown is a Certified Master Hypnotist, a Certified 5-Path Hypnotist and a Certified 7-Path Self-Hypnosis Teacher through the Banyan Hypnosis Center. Anita was trained by Peggy Kelly-Davies at The Hypnosis Connection in Bowmanville, ON. For more information on these programs, visit the Helpful Resources page of this website.

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