ANITA BROWN - Counselling & Therapy

Registered and Insured Psychotherapist and Certified Hypnotherapist,
Specializing in Child, Youth and Adult Mental Health and Hypnosis.
Located at 205 North Front Street Unit #6, Belleville, Ontario  K8P 3C3
(2nd Floor - same building as the Northway Restaurant; beside Dollarama)

Horse Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning

(Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association)

Learn about yourself and overcome obstacles in your life by participating in hands-on, experiential activities with the horses and explore the amazing life metaphors they create.

There is NO horse riding involved.  The horses respond to non-verbal communication and provide useful metaphors to assist participants in overcoming obstacles and build new coping skills!

For more information about Horse Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning, visit the Charmed Horse Assisted Wellness Centre's website:  These sessions take place at Charmed Stables 578 Brown Road, Enterprise, ON.

Change the "Metaphor"; Change the "Self"!

Charmed Horse Assisted Wellness Centre
578 Brown Road, Enterprise, ON

Group for Children with Special Needs (Ages 6-12)

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