ANITA BROWN - Counselling & Therapy

Registered and Insured Psychotherapist and Certified Hypnotherapist,
Specializing in Child, Youth and Adult Mental Health and Hypnosis.
Located at 205 North Front Street Unit #6, Belleville, Ontario  K8P 3C3
(2nd Floor - same building as the Northway Restaurant; beside Dollarama)

Youngevity Nutrition Products - 90 For Life 

90 Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Fatty Acids for Health

Ask about receiving a 

Zyto Compass 

nutritional assessment 

to see which supplements, essential oils and herbs 

could benefit you!

Zyto Compass 

Nutritional Assessment

The Zyto Compass software analyzes your body's Galvanic Skin Response to determine which nutritional products and essential oils will do you the most good.  By making better decisions about the nutritional products you buy, you are less likely to spend money on things you don't need and you are more likely to get the wellness benefits you are looking for.

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